I ran across this article a while back about DXO Labs testing the Red Dragon and it outscoring the Nikon D800. It’s one amazing camera. Consider that with an image sensor 56% of the size of the D800 it cranked out scores in the lab above it and just about every other DSLR camera on the market. In fact, it out-performs some very expensive Phase One CCD medium format digital backs. 

Consider that the Red Dragon can do that and also shoot 6K video at 48 frames per second. Red started working on the idea of DSMC (digital still and motion camera) a while back. The camera can be used professionally to shoot still images and video. In fact, if you keep an eye on frame rate and shutter angle, you can pull individual frames out of the video stream and use them as high quality still images. 

If you take a look at the Red website, I recommend you also look at the “Shot on Red” and the “Learn” sections while you’re there.

I think an interesting additional takeaway from this is that Canon and Nikon DSLR’s are far from cutting edge. I don’t think either company has a DSLR that can shoot 4K video. Nikon is using Sony image sensors in their top of the line still cameras, and Canon’s top of the line DSLR’s don’t have much more than 12 stops of dynamic range. These two companies make great camera and have a long legacy in the camera business. With technology becoming such a big part of imaging though, I think technology companies like Red, Sony, Panasonic/Lumix, Olympus and others are going to also be brands to watch.